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What's in the Starter Kit:
  •  Deck One: The first step in learning the mental gymnastics unique to this program (Physical Cards) Valued at $12
  •  Membership Area: Access to Modules 1-3 which contains 60+ minutes of video  Valued at $65
  •  BONUS - Step Zero: The secret to cutting the amount of facts to learn in Half! (Digital Download) Valued at $15
Total Value: $92 Yours Free!
The Program That Achieved 100% Success in First Through Third Grade AND Homeschool
  • Not Based on Memorization: teaches mental gymnastics, and builds neural pathways so all future math is easier
  • Fun & Quick Learning: facts become more solid/automatic than traditional methods, and in short order
  • Kids Love It: even the ones who really don't like math 
  •  Six Year Old Kids: use before addition if possible to avoid limiting habits learned in addition >> HUGE jump start that gets your child off to the best possible start
  •  Perfect For Older Kids: MathHacked quickly puts your child back on a success track. Nailing their math facts is a huge win that will kindle their desire to continue learning math!
"No matter what curriculum you are using, start with times tables, and..."

 "use the right approach to Turbo Charge your child's skill in math."

It's not math that's the problem. It's how it's been taught that causes kids to lose confidence.
Shocked at how quickly my little kids picked up basic math with this. Well done!!!
- Nathan Maughan, UT
Today was my daughter's first day jumping back into her regular math book since starting MathHacked and it was FUN! No skip counting over here! Just clear answers, right out of her brain! Thank you, MathHacked!
- Camille Messick, ID
I can’t get Grace to go play with friends because she wants to work on her math. I’m not even mad about it ;).
- Carolynn Baldwin, UT
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